This photo shows how the marble would look if it was not backlite with the SLABlite.

This photo shows the dark dots in stone are mastic and will disappear in time.

Blue Lumen Marble Fireplace Backlighting Installation

These photos shows how   Dave Lane Construction Co. cut and fitted the SLABlite to backlight the fireplace hearth.

Using the SLABlite to backlight onyx brings the traditional design into the present day to stay timeless for years to come. This series of pictures will show how Dave Lane Construction used the SLABlite  to backlight this 

Blue Lumen Marble fireplace.

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This photo shows installing the hearth marble while the SLABlites are still lit to test the backlighting of the fireplace hearth.

This photo shows Dave Lane Construction's finished job of the backlighting  the Blue Lumen Marble fireplace.

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Southern California areas.

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