Figure 1 – Early methods for backlighting would create hot spots (left) where the light would be brighter and shadows (right) where edges and other areas would get little or no light.

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20  Vol. 7 / Issue 3  International Surface Fabricators Association

                        growing number of the premium surfacing materials on the market today have versions that feature translucency. And to take full advantage of that quality requires the use of backlighting. Natural onyx has always been seen as a product that really shows its spectacular depth when lit from behind, but now the list of materials that can benefit from backlighting includes a variety of solid surfaces (such as Avonite’s Glass Series), engineered stones (such as Cosentino’s Prexury made of semi-precious stones) and certain quartz surfacing, like Vicostone’s Chalcedony). And, of course, glass and glass-based conglomerate materials are also well suited for backlighting.